living-faith-copyLiving Faith Management and Consulting currently offers Virtual Assistant Services to business owners!  These services provided will allow you to get time back in your business.  Below you will find our current services!  For any questions contact us at 205-319-1371 or

Startup Assistance Hourly Package – $30/hr

(Note:This package is only valid for 3 months)

Services will include:

  • Name reservation and Articles of Formation filling and maintenance assistance
  • Startup business research according to your industry
  • Exploration and connection with importance figures to help with startup process
  • Communications assistance
  • Social media and email creation
  • Startup business maintenance (portfolio will be provided)

Click here to schedule your free consultation today!

Newsletter/Email Content Organization – $50 per newsletter

  • Online newsletter mapping, organization and development (Client provides content unless discussed prior to creation)
  • Distribution of newsletter/email content utilizing client accounts (Mailchimp, Wix, Constant Contact, print, etc.)
  • Addition of subscribers to list as directed by client


Troubleshoot Consultation

Troubleshoot Consultation

Having trouble finding out how to set up that webinar?

Can’t quite figure out how to set up voicemail for your Google Voice?

Don’t know how to invite someone to a meeting on Google calendar?

Having trouble setting up that online document?

Schedule your Troubleshoot session here.



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