I Wish someone Would Have Told Me!

So I’m reading this book called P.O.W.E.R. Move How to transition from Employee to Employer and the auther, Devin Robinson, is listing all of these characteristics you need to have in order to be an entrepreneur…I’m going through the list

Problem Solver (Check)

Personal Responsibility Taker (um check)

Insight (check)

Personable (check!)

Slight neurosis (double triple check check)

Manger (hello!)

I’m going through the list like, MAN! I should have considered this a long time ago!  Anyone else every feel this way?  Like why didn’t any TELL me, discuss this around me?  Was it a secret, this option of going into entrepreneurship?  And then, I enter in to he world and its  like A THING! Like a BUNCH of people are doing this and are successful and earning income and in some cases “Sticking it to the man (Whatever that means really…),” I’m just sitting here looking like20170320_152103 So I’m feeling a little left out and not included!

On top of this, I’ve always felt completely isolated from my own profession and career, as if I didn’t fit.  I’ve know what I’m doing is important and I love my kids so much, its just I moved around in the field so loosely (2 years here, three years there, 2 years there), I always felt so doggone trapped by the red tape and politics of the world of social work and social services.  I’m successful, I’m doggone good, I feel confident in the knowledge and experienced gained but I often times feel like an alien trapped in a glass box with no door.  It’s stifling and the air is slowly running out.  I have to get out!

So when I discovered there was an option for me to branch out on my own and just break through that glass, it was such an eye opening experience and at the same time I just couldn’t understand how I had missed out! Haha So now I’m realizing that this is the right direction for my life and its something I can do.  I’m educating myself and positioning myself for success.  I’m also learning to embrace for the failures so I can recover quickly, they are going to come, it’s just how I handle things.

I’m here to encourage you!  If you are on the fence and not sure, I’m here to tell you that if you have truthfully weighed and explored the pros and cons and if you are into it, prayed about it, you can do this!  I have utilized a couple of people to follow and take notes on to guide me through this process and I am going to share them with you because I want you to succeed as well.  And my journey is still here.  I’ve been thinking about when Chronicles of a NEW Entrepreneur will end and I guess I will know when its time to categorize myself as a Seasoned business owner.  Until then, we are learning together and I hope this is helpful to you!  Until next time #Connect #Create #Inspire

Top 5 Reasons I Am Slacking as a New Blogger

Okay, my committment to my purpose SO sucks right now!  I started this blog a couple of months ago and my excitement and desire to stick with it fell to the wayside very quickly.  I’m so dissappointed in myself, mostly because I made this big deal about the BRAND NEW content planner I received for my birthday and haven’t touched it in TWO months lol

I’m so pitiful!

But it’s reality and since this is “Chronicles of a New Entrepreneur” and I’m all about being transparent, well here it goes…

  1. My name is Ebone Kimber and I think I have writers block or something, cause I Currently have TEN (yes 10) blog post waiting to be finished. SMH.

This is crazy to my own self!  I’m like REALLY EBONE?  I have enough blog posts for the next 2 months basically and I am holding on to them!  Most of them are half finished and Reason #3 is apart of it as well.  I don’t know what is going on!  I think it’s a combination of everything, but I know I just need to finish.  I mean look at me!  I’m writing a new blog right now and I have all these others ones waiting in the rafters!

2. I am the research queen, I can do it for my clients ALL DAY, but when it comes to these doggone blogs, BRUH, I am STRUGGLING, you hear me?

I want to make sure that I’m not only just blogging senseless information that comes from the deep abyss of my thoughts, so there is some content that requires me to do some reading and digging and…well… I just haven’t wanted to do it, but it’s not going to write itself, so YEAH….

3. I’m busy, my schedule is packed tight, I am going to be in 5 (yes, FIVE) different cities in the next 10 days, oh and that’s just for my full time j

There NEVER seems to be enough time!  I know my last post was about balance, but this is reality, my schedule has been packed so TIGHT and I haven’t allowed myself a whole lot of rest time, so it’s starting to pile up, hence Reason #4.

4. I’m tired!

I just took a couple of days off my full time job and I worked THE WHOLE TIME! LOL I did Living Faith stuff and client stuff and church stuff!  And while all of those things are extra important and have to get done, well, those off days were basically used for me to work, which is apart of the grind, so….I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, huh?

5. I want to spend time with my husband (Is this so bad?)

Can I just throw this in there?  I am blessed, my husband is so understanding!  I love him for it because he wholeheartedly supports what I do in every aspect.  He’s also busy himself so our time is often times very stretched.  We spent some time using my off days for each other which was SO NICE…and I want MORE TIME!  🙂

Can you all relate to this?  I feel sometimes all of these things are so real, we really have a hard time releasing the realities of what we are going through and dealing with.  This blog is release for me because I’m just not a really open person in general, but what has helped me along the way, is when I can find people who have common ground and help to confirm that how I’m feeling is not crazy!  All I’m saying is, I embarked on this journey to become a blogger, to help others, to be transparent and guide someone else to help them avoid some of the things I am currently going through and these are the blocks and barriers that are coming my way.

Now what is happening, is I am gaining knowledge along the way and I am more than willing to share.  So one day soon (I promise) I will have some tips for how I am currently coping with this and finding a more organized way for me to get these blog posts going and out there!  Stay tuned for more!  Please leave your information below or join the group Chronicles of A New Entrepreneur for updates, information and transparent accounts from other business owners!  Hope to see you there!  Until next time #Connect #Create #Inpire

Excitement Can Cause Tunnel Vision: 4 Things I Learned When Excitement Fizzled

What do I mean?

Well let me tell you!

Last January (2016) my sister Hiranda and I were talking while she was doing my hair.  In the midst of the conversation two business were created…Dream Makerz and Living Faith Management and Consulting.  Today (April 2017)) those businesses are up and running.  I am full at this moment and cannot accept any more clients and Hiranda will be accepting her first grant this Thursday.  Along the way, we learned some things…well ALOT.  One thing in particular that I have always wanted to share and that tickles me often is how excited we would get in different areas of our growth.

So I know ya’ll are probably like, well, thats a good thing right? Umm…HECK NO! lol  Child we got so excited about so many things that sometimes our judgement was clouded, sometimes we got caught up in poor business partnerships and to be honest, we got straight up TOOK on some investments we made, thinking we were sowing into someone who wanted us to succeed and that they had something to offer, when really the feedback they had for us wasn’t helpful AT ALL!

Now I can look back at it and laugh at us because we were in the moment and it was good, it was good to share those moments together because the journey has taught us so much and we still have so far to go.  I just want to share this with others because I want you to be observant and not let your excitement cloud your judgement.  So I wanted to give you all

4 Things I Learned after the Excitement Fizzled

  1. Not EVERBODY has the intention for you to succeedHiranda and I learned this the hard way. And really it had different effects on the two of us.  It taught me that as her business manager I needed to be more observant and vocal in regards to people we were connecting with and it taught Hiranda to be more guarded in who she tells her ideas to.  It has been a learning experience, but I want to try to help others along the way so you all won’t make the same mistakes we did along the way.
  2. Every person who is in your area of expertise can’t help you!

So Hiranda is in the process of starting a non profit, that was always the plan, but we didn’t know ANYTHING!  I have worked for non profit organizations for years, but I only know limited information.  The truth is SO many people we came in contact with in the early months were like, oh its so easy and I can help you or I know somebody who can…all that..and we would get so excited, like THANK YOU GOD, Shout sessions, praise breaks, Facebook Live’s, THE WORKS HAHAHA.  But then, we would hear nothing, cancelled meetings, misinformation, HALF information, broken promises, THE WORKS! And at times we would get frustrated but at other times, we would just keep it moving.  Now? Well, now, we listen to what people have to say, but we are more careful about who we collect information from and I am constantly back checking and researching to ensure we have the CORRECT information and we have all the background on the person giving us the information.  It has benefited us SIGNIFICANTLY!

3. Guard your money carefully and do research!

I will be honest with ya’ll…Spending money is a requirement when you start a business.  You are going to have to invest in some things in order to receive a return.  Everything won’t be free, so go ahead and get your head around that! (Can I get an AMEN current entrepreneurs!) BUT you MUST be careful in WHO you choose to sow your money into when you are seeking knowledge, a mentor, a coach and/or guidance.  I am currently in the process of reading a book called POWER M.O.V.E.:How to Transition from Employee to Employer and he mentions the importance of exploring what your return or benefits are going to be when you are investing into something.  This is just as important when you are building your business.  Be careful with the people who you connect with when you are looking for coaches and mentors.

4. Channel your excitement into the next steps for your business, don’t get distracted!

Excitement is great, so don’t get me wrong!  I celebrate success whenever I can because for me its about the momentum so many businesses out there are not succeeding so for crying out loud CELEBRATE!  But don’t let your excitement distract you.  We realized in the startup phase pretty quickly that at one moment we would get crazy excited and then in the next moment something was letting us down I can be honest and admit that sometimes our excitement clouded our judgement both in regards to people and situations.  Just make sure that when you celebrate that you are trusting people to perform tasks that you really need to be doing and don’t let people off the hook!  If someone says they are going to do something, then follow up with them and hold them accountable!  Enter into contractual agreements!  Get things on paper and through email, not Facebook messenger lol! Make things legit so people can follow through with all that excitement they boosted you up to!

I hope this helps someone out there!  Comment, fill out the form below, subscribe to the blog for update, join our group Chronicles of A New Entrepreneur for first hand updates on this blog and other pertinent information in regards to my journey as a New Entrepreneur!  One year down, many more to go!  Until next time #Connect #Create #Inspire #Deuces

3 Benefits I Discovered in Getting a Mentor through Score

I knew I needed one.  It was everywhere I turned.  Videos I watched…”You need a coach or a mentor.  Groups I joined, the top notch entrepreneurs…. “You need a coach or a mentor.”  Everyone was saying it, so I knew there was value to it.  My barrier was I couldn’t afford to pay someone to be my mentor.  And there were people I was studying that I knew would make a difference in my life, but money is funny sometimes in our lives.  That’s the real life that we aren’t always able to admit or talk about.  I have a blog post coming soon discussing “The Issue of Money” and the truth is we are not always good with money and we make bad choices.  And sometimes the season we are in with our lives is teaching us better habits and we are learning lessons, but at the same time we are walking in our purpose which is requiring some investment, but investment isn’t always $1000.  And I wasn’t going into no more debt just to build, that wasn’t of Jesus, at least in that moment.  LOL!

So when we were first starting out I signed my sis Hiranda and I up for a Score seminar.  I am Robert Watkins’ daughter and if I am going to jump into something, I need to  know the details of what I’m getting into so I am in full education mode.  Whatever information I can get, I’m down for it and MAN the information was awesome.  Of course in the first three months of startup phase Hiranda and I got excited about pretty much everything, which is another blog post because LORD did we learn that you can’t get caught up in the hype of EVERY DOGGONE THING! LMBO (We are silly!) But this was something that was really good.  So anyways after it was done I went home and did more research, but I also kind of set that aside for a little while.

Later in the year, I was doing more research I had established my business entity (LLC) and started promoting it.  I was also educating myself, going to events, watching videos and signing up for online classes and it opened my eyes and guided me to develop more of a mind for business.  I realized there were some things I needed to revamp, my target market, my approach to my target market, how I exhibited myself to my potential customers the need to focus on my financial practices and so much other important information.

So then it crossed my mind as I was cleaning out emails that I had the option to obtain a free mentor with SCORE.


Now let me be really really clear: I think paying for a coach and/or mentor is a smart move!  I want to make sure that is made known!  I will do this one day, that is guaranteed!  I can’t stay at this level forever!  If I were to stay at this startup phase, I would be foolish, but this is where I am financially with both my business and personal life and I am willing to be transparent about that.  There is just no way I will waste someone else’s time or take someone else’s spot when I know paying someone for a service right now will put me and my family in a financial bind.  I can respect this in regards to my clients as well and I have been put in check regarding this, so TRUST ME, there is NO disrespect!  I am simply sharing my experience and what was best for me and my business!

So anyways, I contacted SCORE.  They had me fill out some information so they could match me to a mentor according to my needs as a business owner.  In comes Mrs. Ann! 🙂 She is so great!  Mrs. Ann is such an intent listener.  She listens, observes, takes notes and then offers me sound advice.  And she doesn’t just TELL me what to do, she helps me think about what are my best options according to her suggestions and my own deductions.  She allows me to decipher what is best for me in certain situations and I am so grateful!

And then, guess what? At this point in my business I want to get better in tracking finances and managing them so I can eventually hire a coach or mentor and other pertinent people for my business, so when I asked her about it, she brought in another mentor that had more financial experience!  Isn’t that cool?!  She also told me I could send her my business plan and she would look over it for me!  So awesome!  And the services she provides are based on my needs!

Okay so the three benefits are:

  1. Matching according to your business needs: They find you a mentor that caters to your core area in regards to your business and who know where you are coming from.  It also doesn’t necessarily have to be someone in your community.  I have very much appreciated that Mrs. Ann is in another state because she has a different perspective, which is beneficial to someone who wants to expand outside of Alabama.
  2. An ear to bounce thoughts and ideas.  I take notes when I think of things to ask Mrs. Ann all the time.  She is prompt and honest.  She admits when she doesn’t know and offers resources and suggestions.  She has been strong arming me on my prices since we started this mentorship relationship and she praised me when I took her advice and she is helping me to change my mindset in regards to who I am marketing to and considering the value of my service
  3. Focus.  Starting a business will have you all over the place.  I am sometimes an information hog; so in getting started, I have been trying to get as much information I can possibly get, which isn’t a bad thing, its just sometimes overwhelming.  Having a mentor helped me to pinpoint some specific tasks to work on, to work down my goals and make them more reasonable, to make my plan solid.  This is one of the most valuable tools.

So now we come to it, the most valuable question… “Should I pay for a mentor or get a free one?”  This is MY reality.  My free mentor works for me in THIS season.  I plan to support and sow into someone else’s business in the future because I know there is someone else out there I can benefit from and they can benefit from me too.  For me, this is a season of growth.  I can’t afford to sow, but I am still working towards my business goals, I still have guidance and I’m still in business.  YOU have to make choices for your own business.  Everyone is not going to get to their expected end the same way, that would be boring!  All I can do is tell you what I did.  Do your own research, maybe this won’t work for you!  Maybe you need something more in depth, maybe you prefer face to face, maybe you gain more value in paying for services, maybe this is valuable to you!  It doesn’t matter!  DO SOMETHING!  Now go be great!

If you want to take advantage of this great resource go to https://www.score.org/find-mentor Here they give you three great options to let them match you with a mentor, search for one yourself or to find your local SCORE office and utilize their services there!  Hope this helps!

Until Next time #Connect #Create #Inspire #Deuces

How I Find Balance as a New Entrepreneur


One year ago, I decided I would go into business for myself.  God had revealed to me that my purpose was much bigger than spending the rest of my life working for someone else and so I started out on a journey into the unknown of entrepreneurship.  I didn’t know what I was doing, shoot, I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I trust God and know He would never lead me astray.  A year ago, though, that To do list would have been almost HALF of that!  At least 6 of those things would be off that list and rest wouldn’t have been on there because I wouldn’t have considered needing to add it to my to do list!  Haha!

My life is different now and I honestly need about 25 hours in the day to get everything done, but since that doesn’t exist, I am working hard to prioritize the 24 I do have and trying to fit everything in!  There are a couple of times I have just completely beat up on myself!  I was certain in April 2016 I was going to be able to quit my full time job in December 2016 (Newsflash: I’m still working full time AND received and accepted a promotion to Program Director, WHAT AM I THINKING! LOL) but that just wasn’t realistic thinking on my part.  This is why I have chosen to share my personal journey with the world because I know there are aspiring and current small business owners out there asking themselves, how can I do this?  Mostly because I ask myself this too, but in reality I HAVE TO do this!  It is my purpose!  I just have to do a better job at prioritizing my time and finding balance.  So I want to share my techniques and I want to be transparent about what has and hasn’t worked for me on this road of entrepreneur life!  Comment and let me know if you’ve tried these things or plan to!  I want to know if I am helping!

What isn’t working


I don’t know if you are a Christian or not, but in case you were wondering, I am and I know worrying is a sin.  It is a really hard sin not to do!  I’m just being honest!  Did you see my list?  Oh and you all with children… GOD BLESS YOU! LORD! My list would probably be doubled!  I shouldn’t even complain!  But honestly worrying has help me in NOTHING on this journey!  Every time I worry, it just makes things worse!

What is Working

Patience and Prayer

So you can try one, the other or both, but I must do both!  Because for me, one only comes with the other!  I MUST pray!  It is just necessary for me!  I have realized that I get so frustrated with myself, especially when I found out I couldn’t quit my job right away!  God was like girl are you crazy?  How you gonna pay for stuff! LOL! I realized I needed to take some steps back.  Now I have set an exit goal for myself, which is constantly changing!  I have to be realistic about my life and where I am and what it is that I have to do in order for my family to be okay!  Reflect on this for yourself!  Don’t take waiting as a set back! Consider it preparation for you purpose!

What Isn’t Working

Not Doing Anything

The worst thing I did for myself last year was when I neglected my business.  I had the desire to work towards it, but I let the fact that I wasn’t making any money discourage me and keep me from pushing.  This is the truth, you may or may not make money from the start.  Yes, there are people with their own businesses who are doing that thang and making the money, but everyone is different!  I had to stop comparing myself to others and get out there and promote my business!  When I got my first paying client, it was an adrenaline rush!  I pushed harder than ever after that!  Keep pushing!  You can do this, even if you have no client or no profit!

What Is Working

Connecting to Successful Business Owners

I will leave you with this.  The best thing I have done in this season of my business is connect with the right people.  I obtained a mentor for free through SCORE and I started attending events where small business owners were attending.  I know this sounds extremely crazy, but I started kinda stalking people who were doing it and were successful and I followed and went to the events they were attending, shoot I’m still doing this.  I want to be around women and men who are successful in their business and its not about duplicating their process, its about gaining wisdom and knowledge that they are more than willing to offer!

So there you have it! A little snippet of what I have been doing and trying NOT to do on my journey.  Some one year reflections!  I mean, listen…. I made it through the first year, so you can too!  Do NOT give up!  Keep pushing!  Keep pressing!  Keep believing!  I know that you can do this!  We have to support one another!  Join my group Chronicles of A New Entrepreneur (here) where you can get updates from my blog and my podcast.  I also do a couple of video series, including #ThoughtsinTraffic and #VirtualAssistantTips. Click here to check out my YouTube page!  If this was helpful to you subscribe and leave a comment so I know that it was helpful or at least a little entertaining!  Also please leave your blog website so I can check you out and support you!  Until next time.. #Connect #Create #Inspire #Deuces

Finding Inner Strength as an Entrepreneur

Anybody else besides me ever just feel completely and extra raw in their emotions?  Like you can’t even describe anything specific, you are just deep in your thoughts about life and your not sad exactly, you are just sitting there, in your emotions?  as I write this post, I’m there, listening to music about God, thinking about His awesomeness, His grace towards me and crazy deep into worship and thanks to Him, that even though I feel  crazy emotional, I am still so grateful that He keeps me.

Let’s face it, personal issues and feelings bleed over into our entrepreneur life.  We sometimes may not be willing to admit it because we feel it will make us seem weak.  But how powerful is it in being transparent to explore how we are truly feeling and what we are going through on our journey?  I was going to post my thoughts in an Instagram and I realized there is so much more that I want to say.


You see this picture right here?



This was the picture I was going to post.  In this moment I am crazy tired.  I’m at a point where I’m waking up tired, I am forcing myself to get up and go to my full-time job, I’m cringing when my Living Faith clients are asking me to complete tasks, I miss my family like crazy, the day before I silently worked through the 1 year anniversary of my grandma’s death and there is no vacation in sight until MAYBE Thanksgiving…maybe.

I’m just tired.

I made a post about healing your inner self on Facebook and its probably a passive-aggressive call to God for help, when I know talking to Him directly is the best way, but I think somehow the validation that other people like that post, helps me know other people are going through the same thing, or at least know what I’m talking about.

I googled healing your inner self and Psalms 46 came up.  It’s in an article by Bill Gaultiene called Inner healing Prayer using Psalm 46 as the basis.  He suggests breaking this verse into parts and meditating on each station.  He says “inner healing prayer is a way to invite the Spirit of Christ to minister to the inner parts of our person that have ben damaged.

The first verse of Psalm 46 says

“God is our refuge and strength and a very present help in trouble.”

I have to remind myself of this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  The stress and strain of life will try to convince you that you cannot do this.  you can’t run your own business…Are you crazy??? You can’t even keep your life together!!!!But I’m reminded that I have help!  And you  may  not be spiritual or religious or may not even be Christian, but the message still remains the same.  You CAN make it no matter what!  I just happen to be certain where I stand personally.

Inner healing is about finding your inner strength, knowing that no matter what, I can push through!  I’m encouraging myself as I’m writing this! I recently finished a book by Sarah Jakes Roberts, her very first book titled Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life.  She tells the story of her becoming pregnant at 14 years old and stress of having a high profile and finding one’s strength.  She says so many profound things are said by her in this book, but something stood out to me.  She says:

“Grace is not the absence of the struggle; it is the presence of protection”

This is SO TRUE! There are two definitions of grace in the online dictionary: “1) simple elegance or refinement of movement. 2) (in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.”  In both definitions, it is the idea that we are to cast or cares away and move through life with ease.  As a Christian, I do so because I know God has my back no matter what, I am protected!  Such comfort in a time of stress, chaos and busyness of the life of an entrepreneur.  So I am here today to let you know two things: 1) It’s okay to admit when you are overwhelmed, stressed and hurting 2) Its also okay to release it and let it go because you are protected and your inner strength, wherever you find it, will protect you!

Until next time.. #Connect #Create and #Inpire



Organized, no Chaos: How I use Binders to Keep my Business in Order


Binders help me to prioritize different aspects of my business.  Each business and/or individual I work with receives their own portfolio after working with me.  Right now I am in the process of revamping the order of each book but I am giving you an exclusive view of a very raw process in case this is something that will be helpful for you and your business in the future.  So the examples I’m sharing are my own business binder, the binder I’ve crafted for Dream Makerz, my Faith Walkers Church folder as youth ministry leader and My client Mrs.Dee Edwards.  Now as a disclaimer whenever a client and I terminate a contract, which will mostly be because they’ve gotten the management of their business under control and they don’t need me anymore, I will “prettify” (no that’s not a word, but its mine, you can’t have it!) their portfolio, with a nice graphic, labels and all that jazz.  Here you are just getting a VIP into the process.

In here I have all establishment documents, so that Name Reservation certificate, the Articles of Formation documents and EIN information are all in one place.  Then next I have meeting information, notes, etc  For my notebook, I have a section for all of my podcast and blog content.  I have a notebook that I jot in from time to time, but it seems helpful to have paper I can tear out of that notebook and organize directly into my binder.  I have found that the spiral notebooks keep me confused because I have to thumb through to find what i need way to often.

In Dream Makerz folder I have the same startup information that was described in my folder.Thus is highly important with this organization because Hiranda prefers to not  handle any of the administrative tasks and/or paperwork if she doesn’t  have to, but I

need to be able to access it at anytime when she needs it and get it to her and then I have each event and the supplies (sign in sheets, surveys, consents, etc.) because she holds these  events on a regular basis.  I also have a section for ideas because she often calls me with them and I have to be ready! 😊

Mrs Dee’s folder is a little different. I provide her with virtual assistant work for her multiple businesses, so her notebook is actually digital which is something I didn’t realize was my best option for keeping up with her files until after I started writing this post.  Each folder is divided by her different businesses and categorized accordingly. For example, her IRS Tax schooling has all of her grade books, her Startup Business Factory has forms and signup sheets I created and her Accurate Tax has all the forms I created for her. She now has easy, organized access to all of these things that I can send to her at anytime and will be compiled in a zip file if were were to ever terminate services.blog-picture  This also provides the opportunity for transparency and checks and balances for me as her virtual assistant. She receives monthly updates from me from myhours.com that provides a record of the time I spend on her projects.


If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, you will need to do your research on how you will provide your clients with a compiled representation of the work they are paying you for. This is extremely important to me both as a business manager and virtual assistant because I want them to see it is more beneficial to them then hiring someone to come to their office and that they are saving money and time by utilizing my services.

So here  is a glance into my organization style. You can utilize this for your own business or if you are a virtual assistant, administrative assistant, personal assistant or business manager, here are some ideas for you. I try to keep it simple so I can personalize it for my customer. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below! Until next time

#Connect #Create #inspire


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