Chronicles of a New Entrepreneur: Perils of a Multitasker

I am currently looking at three planners on my desk, multiple notebooks, even more notes, some not in notebooks, post its and gadgets.  I feel like I am doing the most.  My multitasking brain is in full blown overload right now (Hence the urge to do a new blog post).  For most, this is productivity.  I look like I am working hard when people walk by and tis true I am a master ninja today, checking things off my to do list so fast, my head is spinning!  I realize, however, that there are some downfalls to my methods and it has me realizing that there are some traps and perils that may face business owners and really any attempts at organizing oneself and I just wanted to stop and talk about it.  These are all from my very experiences so there is no “calling out” anyone today, although, like a good sermon, if I am touching on your spirit, as my pastor, Pastor Kelvin Bryant would say “Tag your it!”

3 Multitasking Traps you Should Avoid

1. Taking Notes in Multiple Places for Different Tasks

I am SO bad at this!  Now please be clear I am not talking about if you are a writer because I know that requires certain processes, but this could apply to you all as well.  My worst habit is conducting meetings or taking phone calls and jotting notes down on random things and then forgetting what I did with them when I need to go back and complete the task!  This is the worst feeling ever, especially when you have to go back to the potential  client or current client and ask them the same doggone question you all talked about a week ago.  TRAGEDY!  The best solution to this is LABELING and FILING!  You must be firm in this for yourselves

2. Not Checking Calendar before Scheduling Appointments

The WORST!  It happens to me all of the time!  Phone call comes in.  Start talking about needs.  Start making plans….Sure I can do that, what day?  Okay cool!

**Fails to look at calendar.**

**Starts planning and then BOOM!**

You see that something is already scheduled that day!  Now my biggest challenge in this dilemma is that I have to maintain several calendars in order to keep track of both myself and my clients, it is necessary, at least in my brain, plus I really like planners, so maybe it isn’t necessary, but ANYWAYS!  The POINT is that I need to consult my schedule at ALL TIMES! Moving on..

3. Overlooking Important Emails

If you have been reading and/or following my blog for a while, you know I PREACH PREACH PREACH about maintaining the organization of your email inbox.  I believe the structure of your inbox is a pivotal factor in the success of your business and the professionalism of your communication.  There is nothing worse than losing emails, confusing emails, sending the wrong emails, not EVER responding to emails.  I am a virtual assistant so I have access to a lot of people’s email accounts and it is a major challenge to manage someone’s inbox and complete tasks when their inbox is all over the place!  I try to clean my inbox out at least once every other week because sometimes I am just doing TOO DOGGONE MUCH!  I cuss myself out sometimes for subscribing for all these unnecessary emails and for waiting too long to empty them out!  I can’t find ANYTHING when I do this and it is a HOT MESS!

So there you have it! Transparency at its best!  My name is Ebone and I have pitfalls and barriers with Doing. The. Most.

Judge me if you want OR you can just take my advice, that would be awesome too!

Until next time!

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