Establishing Boundaries: How I Learned Not to Jump On a Bandwagon

People mean well.

There are so many things in my business I allowed people to influence me into doing things that were awesome and amazing and great advice, but I just wasn’t ready for all of it at one time.

I wasn’t ready to get a full blown website.
I wasn’t ready to invest in a coach, plus that wasn’t the right one for me.
I hadn’t done my research and you know I could have stuck with where I was for a little bit and grown a little more.

I didn’t have to get that P.O. Box.
I honestly couldn’t afford to maintain some of those things and I needed to go at the pace in which God intended for me.
Getting advice, guidance, coaching and mentorship is a smart move in business, on the other hand I learned I couldn’t base every single move off what someone else said. I needed and still do consult with God, request HIS wisdom and do research for where I am in business and make careful decisions.

Sometimes along my journey the decision was to jump, pay for that course, get the info and make changes and adjustments. Sometimes it was…. NO you cannot personally afford to drive to that conference in Georgia, it will put you in the hole, don’t burn bridges, BUT you can’t do that.

Its so hard.
Everyone won’t and doesn’t learn the hard way, but we aren’t supposed to be comparing and lets be honest, many people just aren’t willing to share their journey, simply because its hard as hell. I don’t know many people that will admit every single one of my accounts is in the negative, INCLUDING my business account and I am bringing in steady revenue.

Every single one of your decisions must be strategic. I have learned from so many mistakes as I work my way into my 2nd year in business. I refuse to keep making the same mistakes and following blindly. My decisions don’t come without consultations with God. I am preparing to make some bold moves in business. It’s been on my heart for the past couple of months and the message has been in sermons and my study so I know God is talking to me.

I am not jumping on this without knowing what I am getting into. I am being more strategic and consulting with God on everything and doing my research because the place I am in now has an expriation date. I am on my way UP and so is my business! Take carefeul considerations you guys! Consult with God.

Until next time

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