Husband and Wife Entrepreneurship: Perceptions vs Reality


I know there are many people who were in my life before I met my husband who think I changed when he and I started dating.  I know this because I used to be one of those people who felt this about others, until I met my husband and then I understood it!

When we started dating, I made it clear to him I had no intentions of wasting his time or having him waste mine.  I was dating with intention.  I had spent the prior 3 years, exploring and defining my relationship with God, enjoying and celebrating the end of my 20’s and entering into my 30s and loving on myself.  I hung out with the best of them, exploring the city and trying new things!  I traveled and sought after who God wanted me to be!  I thought I had it all figured out….and then I met JB.  The complete opposite of who I am and completely different than who I thought God wanted me to spend the rest of my life with!  He loved me from the very beginning and I wasn’t certain if that was possible because there were so many factors that I didn’t agree with about him and I kept talking to God and He kept showing me, “you said grant you the desires of your heart, that didn’t mean he was coming in a perfect package.”

So I had to make a decision.  I had to choose to take the time to get to know what God presented before me and decide if I was willing to put in the time and effort to pursue life with this man of God.  I identify him as a man of God because that is who my husband is fully.  See, the perception is by many people that the fact my husband is rough around the edges and isn’t what they perceive as a “Christian” means that he isn’t a man of God.  Well they are so far from the reality if it was sitting in their face.  What God revealed to me very early on is that my husband and I would serve as a special kind of example of what Christ’s love really is and boy what a task it is!

So what this relationship required was my undivided attention and prayer time which absolutely meant some people had to be placed on the sideline.  This included friends this included some of my family, some of his family, church friends, all of it.  But not God.  So if any other Christians out there understand, time with God requires a significant amount of time, we are talking prayer time, fasting, praise and worship, service and leadership.  Those two things together had all of my devotion and time.  There wasn’t a whole lot of time for anyone or anything else and I know it looked bad and some understood and some didn’t.  But that is the difference between perceptions and reality.  What is and what isn’t depending on who is talking.

What does this have to do with entrepreneurship? My husband was an entrepreneur before we met, he just wasn’t channeling it in the right way.  I wasn’t even thinking about being an entrepreneur.  My husband and I started meeting up with my sis Hiranda and her husband because it was important to us to be around other couples.  When we all got together, our entrepreneur minds were developed and now we are all on the journey creating and building empires.  NONE of this would have happened had I not accepted an invitation to go out on a date with my husband for his birthday.  And we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and God is SO good and I am SO happy.  And that my friends….. IS REALITY! #Connect #Create #Inspire