Husband and Wife Entrepreneurship: 3 Lessons Learned on the Journey


God loves me. Forreal. He blessed me with the man of my dreams.  Our situation is not perfect.  Initially he was nothing I would have ever imagined for myself, but I was falling in love with him within the first month of us dating.  And now we are in the seventh month of our marriage and its AMAZING!  My life has changed so much in the past two years.  I found my soul mate, I continued to grow closer to God, I started a business and I got engaged and I got married.  And then I realized we were embarking on a journey in which both of us will be in the world of entrepreneurship together.  Today is March 4, 2017.  It is 10:23  pm at night.  Both of us are actively serving in church and have to be at church by 8:00 am in the morning.  We’ve had a busy day, he’s a musician, music producer and in school for Audio production and he had a gig today while I went to church for prayer and then went to a grantee workshop.  Then I came home, cooked, took care of the dog, we worked on his homework together and now he’s in the studio working on producing an album and I’m blogging.  All of those things I listed, we gets NO money for right now!  We are actively working and building our businesses, but it is a Struggle!  But you know what?  We are doing it together.  It’s one thing I’m certain helps us in our relationship because we have each other’s backs.  We committed very early on in our relationships to support one another no matter what.  It’s one of the things that attracts me so heavily to him.

When we first started dating I was smack dab in the middle of my busy season for my full time job which correlates to heavy traveling.  That particular year I was traveling every month, sometimes twice a month.  I was in Orlando and then on a road trip for six days with my kids in foster care and then I had to go on a trip again to Orlando and he went WITH ME!  He didn’t miss a beat.  He didn’t even care.  I WAS IN LOVE! LOL! Of course there are a million other things I can list, most importantly His love and dedication to God, the fact he talked to God before even approaching me, his love for family, I could go on and on, but at the end of the day we’ve made a commitment to work through whatever it is that comes our way.  So we are deep in it and there may be other business owners or potential business owners out there wondering what this is all about, how this will work if they are considering entering entrepreneurship as separate business owners or maybe even together.  Here are a couple things and learning curves I have learned in this past year.

  1. Learn when to turn it off!

This is probably hardest for my husband because his craft is based heavily on his creativity which has no respect for time! LOL! I had to learn it and respect it.  I now understand how important it is for him to go with the creativity when it comes, which requires me to deny my own selfishness at times.  But on the other hand, he has had to take the time and find out if it was worth it to sacrifice the time with me or not.  And I’m not exempt from this!  It takes effort on my part as well to know when its time to put the phone and computer down!  Sometimes I have to let go of looking for business opportunities and spend time with my husband!   It’s OKAY to take a break and connect with the ones you love

2. I may not fully understand what you do, but I can still support it!

I don’t know ANYTHING about audio production, but it excites my husband to such a varying degree, I can’t even explain it!  Shoot I don’t know if he can explain it.  We share a fairly mutual love of music, I LOVE to hear him play guitar, but as far as producing, I know NOTHING.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t wholeheartedly support what he does.  Now we are a little different because where he is okay with it, I’m a little more involved in the promotion of his brand, but you don’t have to be involved in it, but why wouldn’t you support the efforts of the person you are the closest with?  What would I look like if I said oh I don’t like the music my husband plays or produces so I don’t share it!  What would that do to him?  I mentioned before how amazing it is for me that he supports me so strongly!  When I told him I was going to start a business, he was all for it and constantly talks to other people about my business.  Does he understand it completely?  He doesn’t have to, his acknowledgement and support is enough!

3. Being okay with not being fully involved…all the time

So um this is a huge work in progress.  I might be the worst at this,  mostly because I REALLY like spending time with my husband, lol.  He likes spending time with me too, but he doesn’t mind some away time every once in a while. (Yes I am slightly clingy, he knew it from the get go so he can’t complain too much haha)  I am learning its just impossible for us to be involved in everything!  Most of the time, however, its an insecurity issue and when I am able to realize that, its helpful to me, to him and our marriage.  I’m learning I can’t be at everyone of his shows and he can’t come to every one of my presentations, but we can find other ways to support on another.  Entrepreneurship is tough in itself, building and maintaining a marriage requires constant prayer and many talks with God.

These are just a couple of things we have learned along the way, I’m certain there are so many more things that will come, but hey, this is a transparent account of my journey, right?  So here you go, this is where I am in year 1 as an entrepreneur and month seven as a married woman!  It is interesting to say the least but there is no one else in this world I would rather do this with!  What about those of you who are long time married folk and long time entrepreneurs, in the middle, no matter what stage you are in, give some feedback, let’s talk about it!  I’m open to it all, even if you think I’m doing it wrong, lol, shoot help me! 🙂  Until next time #connect #create #inspire