I Wish someone Would Have Told Me!

So I’m reading this book called P.O.W.E.R. Move How to transition from Employee to Employer and the auther, Devin Robinson, is listing all of these characteristics you need to have in order to be an entrepreneur…I’m going through the list

Problem Solver (Check)

Personal Responsibility Taker (um check)

Insight (check)

Personable (check!)

Slight neurosis (double triple check check)

Manger (hello!)

I’m going through the list like, MAN! I should have considered this a long time ago!  Anyone else every feel this way?  Like why didn’t any TELL me, discuss this around me?  Was it a secret, this option of going into entrepreneurship?  And then, I enter in to he world and its  like A THING! Like a BUNCH of people are doing this and are successful and earning income and in some cases “Sticking it to the man (Whatever that means really…),” I’m just sitting here looking like20170320_152103 So I’m feeling a little left out and not included!

On top of this, I’ve always felt completely isolated from my own profession and career, as if I didn’t fit.  I’ve know what I’m doing is important and I love my kids so much, its just I moved around in the field so loosely (2 years here, three years there, 2 years there), I always felt so doggone trapped by the red tape and politics of the world of social work and social services.  I’m successful, I’m doggone good, I feel confident in the knowledge and experienced gained but I often times feel like an alien trapped in a glass box with no door.  It’s stifling and the air is slowly running out.  I have to get out!

So when I discovered there was an option for me to branch out on my own and just break through that glass, it was such an eye opening experience and at the same time I just couldn’t understand how I had missed out! Haha So now I’m realizing that this is the right direction for my life and its something I can do.  I’m educating myself and positioning myself for success.  I’m also learning to embrace for the failures so I can recover quickly, they are going to come, it’s just how I handle things.

I’m here to encourage you!  If you are on the fence and not sure, I’m here to tell you that if you have truthfully weighed and explored the pros and cons and if you are into it, prayed about it, you can do this!  I have utilized a couple of people to follow and take notes on to guide me through this process and I am going to share them with you because I want you to succeed as well.  And my journey is still here.  I’ve been thinking about when Chronicles of a NEW Entrepreneur will end and I guess I will know when its time to categorize myself as a Seasoned business owner.  Until then, we are learning together and I hope this is helpful to you!  Until next time #Connect #Create #Inspire