Excitement Can Cause Tunnel Vision: 4 Things I Learned When Excitement Fizzled

What do I mean?

Well let me tell you!

Last January (2016) my sister Hiranda and I were talking while she was doing my hair.  In the midst of the conversation two business were created…Dream Makerz and Living Faith Management and Consulting.  Today (April 2017)) those businesses are up and running.  I am full at this moment and cannot accept any more clients and Hiranda will be accepting her first grant this Thursday.  Along the way, we learned some things…well ALOT.  One thing in particular that I have always wanted to share and that tickles me often is how excited we would get in different areas of our growth.

So I know ya’ll are probably like, well, thats a good thing right? Umm…HECK NO! lol  Child we got so excited about so many things that sometimes our judgement was clouded, sometimes we got caught up in poor business partnerships and to be honest, we got straight up TOOK on some investments we made, thinking we were sowing into someone who wanted us to succeed and that they had something to offer, when really the feedback they had for us wasn’t helpful AT ALL!

Now I can look back at it and laugh at us because we were in the moment and it was good, it was good to share those moments together because the journey has taught us so much and we still have so far to go.  I just want to share this with others because I want you to be observant and not let your excitement cloud your judgement.  So I wanted to give you all

4 Things I Learned after the Excitement Fizzled

  1. Not EVERBODY has the intention for you to succeedHiranda and I learned this the hard way. And really it had different effects on the two of us.  It taught me that as her business manager I needed to be more observant and vocal in regards to people we were connecting with and it taught Hiranda to be more guarded in who she tells her ideas to.  It has been a learning experience, but I want to try to help others along the way so you all won’t make the same mistakes we did along the way.
  2. Every person who is in your area of expertise can’t help you!

So Hiranda is in the process of starting a non profit, that was always the plan, but we didn’t know ANYTHING!  I have worked for non profit organizations for years, but I only know limited information.  The truth is SO many people we came in contact with in the early months were like, oh its so easy and I can help you or I know somebody who can…all that..and we would get so excited, like THANK YOU GOD, Shout sessions, praise breaks, Facebook Live’s, THE WORKS HAHAHA.  But then, we would hear nothing, cancelled meetings, misinformation, HALF information, broken promises, THE WORKS! And at times we would get frustrated but at other times, we would just keep it moving.  Now? Well, now, we listen to what people have to say, but we are more careful about who we collect information from and I am constantly back checking and researching to ensure we have the CORRECT information and we have all the background on the person giving us the information.  It has benefited us SIGNIFICANTLY!

3. Guard your money carefully and do research!

I will be honest with ya’ll…Spending money is a requirement when you start a business.  You are going to have to invest in some things in order to receive a return.  Everything won’t be free, so go ahead and get your head around that! (Can I get an AMEN current entrepreneurs!) BUT you MUST be careful in WHO you choose to sow your money into when you are seeking knowledge, a mentor, a coach and/or guidance.  I am currently in the process of reading a book called POWER M.O.V.E.:How to Transition from Employee to Employer and he mentions the importance of exploring what your return or benefits are going to be when you are investing into something.  This is just as important when you are building your business.  Be careful with the people who you connect with when you are looking for coaches and mentors.

4. Channel your excitement into the next steps for your business, don’t get distracted!

Excitement is great, so don’t get me wrong!  I celebrate success whenever I can because for me its about the momentum so many businesses out there are not succeeding so for crying out loud CELEBRATE!  But don’t let your excitement distract you.  We realized in the startup phase pretty quickly that at one moment we would get crazy excited and then in the next moment something was letting us down I can be honest and admit that sometimes our excitement clouded our judgement both in regards to people and situations.  Just make sure that when you celebrate that you are trusting people to perform tasks that you really need to be doing and don’t let people off the hook!  If someone says they are going to do something, then follow up with them and hold them accountable!  Enter into contractual agreements!  Get things on paper and through email, not Facebook messenger lol! Make things legit so people can follow through with all that excitement they boosted you up to!

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