How I Find Balance as a New Entrepreneur


One year ago, I decided I would go into business for myself.  God had revealed to me that my purpose was much bigger than spending the rest of my life working for someone else and so I started out on a journey into the unknown of entrepreneurship.  I didn’t know what I was doing, shoot, I still don’t know what I’m doing, but I trust God and know He would never lead me astray.  A year ago, though, that To do list would have been almost HALF of that!  At least 6 of those things would be off that list and rest wouldn’t have been on there because I wouldn’t have considered needing to add it to my to do list!  Haha!

My life is different now and I honestly need about 25 hours in the day to get everything done, but since that doesn’t exist, I am working hard to prioritize the 24 I do have and trying to fit everything in!  There are a couple of times I have just completely beat up on myself!  I was certain in April 2016 I was going to be able to quit my full time job in December 2016 (Newsflash: I’m still working full time AND received and accepted a promotion to Program Director, WHAT AM I THINKING! LOL) but that just wasn’t realistic thinking on my part.  This is why I have chosen to share my personal journey with the world because I know there are aspiring and current small business owners out there asking themselves, how can I do this?  Mostly because I ask myself this too, but in reality I HAVE TO do this!  It is my purpose!  I just have to do a better job at prioritizing my time and finding balance.  So I want to share my techniques and I want to be transparent about what has and hasn’t worked for me on this road of entrepreneur life!  Comment and let me know if you’ve tried these things or plan to!  I want to know if I am helping!

What isn’t working


I don’t know if you are a Christian or not, but in case you were wondering, I am and I know worrying is a sin.  It is a really hard sin not to do!  I’m just being honest!  Did you see my list?  Oh and you all with children… GOD BLESS YOU! LORD! My list would probably be doubled!  I shouldn’t even complain!  But honestly worrying has help me in NOTHING on this journey!  Every time I worry, it just makes things worse!

What is Working

Patience and Prayer

So you can try one, the other or both, but I must do both!  Because for me, one only comes with the other!  I MUST pray!  It is just necessary for me!  I have realized that I get so frustrated with myself, especially when I found out I couldn’t quit my job right away!  God was like girl are you crazy?  How you gonna pay for stuff! LOL! I realized I needed to take some steps back.  Now I have set an exit goal for myself, which is constantly changing!  I have to be realistic about my life and where I am and what it is that I have to do in order for my family to be okay!  Reflect on this for yourself!  Don’t take waiting as a set back! Consider it preparation for you purpose!

What Isn’t Working

Not Doing Anything

The worst thing I did for myself last year was when I neglected my business.  I had the desire to work towards it, but I let the fact that I wasn’t making any money discourage me and keep me from pushing.  This is the truth, you may or may not make money from the start.  Yes, there are people with their own businesses who are doing that thang and making the money, but everyone is different!  I had to stop comparing myself to others and get out there and promote my business!  When I got my first paying client, it was an adrenaline rush!  I pushed harder than ever after that!  Keep pushing!  You can do this, even if you have no client or no profit!

What Is Working

Connecting to Successful Business Owners

I will leave you with this.  The best thing I have done in this season of my business is connect with the right people.  I obtained a mentor for free through SCORE and I started attending events where small business owners were attending.  I know this sounds extremely crazy, but I started kinda stalking people who were doing it and were successful and I followed and went to the events they were attending, shoot I’m still doing this.  I want to be around women and men who are successful in their business and its not about duplicating their process, its about gaining wisdom and knowledge that they are more than willing to offer!

So there you have it! A little snippet of what I have been doing and trying NOT to do on my journey.  Some one year reflections!  I mean, listen…. I made it through the first year, so you can too!  Do NOT give up!  Keep pushing!  Keep pressing!  Keep believing!  I know that you can do this!  We have to support one another!  Join my group Chronicles of A New Entrepreneur (here) where you can get updates from my blog and my podcast.  I also do a couple of video series, including #ThoughtsinTraffic and #VirtualAssistantTips. Click here to check out my YouTube page!  If this was helpful to you subscribe and leave a comment so I know that it was helpful or at least a little entertaining!  Also please leave your blog website so I can check you out and support you!  Until next time.. #Connect #Create #Inspire #Deuces