Organized, no Chaos: How I use Binders to Keep my Business in Order


Binders help me to prioritize different aspects of my business.  Each business and/or individual I work with receives their own portfolio after working with me.  Right now I am in the process of revamping the order of each book but I am giving you an exclusive view of a very raw process in case this is something that will be helpful for you and your business in the future.  So the examples I’m sharing are my own business binder, the binder I’ve crafted for Dream Makerz, my Faith Walkers Church folder as youth ministry leader and My client Mrs.Dee Edwards.  Now as a disclaimer whenever a client and I terminate a contract, which will mostly be because they’ve gotten the management of their business under control and they don’t need me anymore, I will “prettify” (no that’s not a word, but its mine, you can’t have it!) their portfolio, with a nice graphic, labels and all that jazz.  Here you are just getting a VIP into the process.

In here I have all establishment documents, so that Name Reservation certificate, the Articles of Formation documents and EIN information are all in one place.  Then next I have meeting information, notes, etc  For my notebook, I have a section for all of my podcast and blog content.  I have a notebook that I jot in from time to time, but it seems helpful to have paper I can tear out of that notebook and organize directly into my binder.  I have found that the spiral notebooks keep me confused because I have to thumb through to find what i need way to often.

In Dream Makerz folder I have the same startup information that was described in my folder.Thus is highly important with this organization because Hiranda prefers to not  handle any of the administrative tasks and/or paperwork if she doesn’t  have to, but I

need to be able to access it at anytime when she needs it and get it to her and then I have each event and the supplies (sign in sheets, surveys, consents, etc.) because she holds these  events on a regular basis.  I also have a section for ideas because she often calls me with them and I have to be ready! 😊

Mrs Dee’s folder is a little different. I provide her with virtual assistant work for her multiple businesses, so her notebook is actually digital which is something I didn’t realize was my best option for keeping up with her files until after I started writing this post.  Each folder is divided by her different businesses and categorized accordingly. For example, her IRS Tax schooling has all of her grade books, her Startup Business Factory has forms and signup sheets I created and her Accurate Tax has all the forms I created for her. She now has easy, organized access to all of these things that I can send to her at anytime and will be compiled in a zip file if were were to ever terminate  This also provides the opportunity for transparency and checks and balances for me as her virtual assistant. She receives monthly updates from me from that provides a record of the time I spend on her projects.


If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, you will need to do your research on how you will provide your clients with a compiled representation of the work they are paying you for. This is extremely important to me both as a business manager and virtual assistant because I want them to see it is more beneficial to them then hiring someone to come to their office and that they are saving money and time by utilizing my services.

So here  is a glance into my organization style. You can utilize this for your own business or if you are a virtual assistant, administrative assistant, personal assistant or business manager, here are some ideas for you. I try to keep it simple so I can personalize it for my customer. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below! Until next time

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