Listen! This was the craziest experience for me! So as a new entrepreneur, it is difficult sometimes to maintain your confidence when you are in a pool with multiple successful, well groomed experienced entrepreneurs who are well established and get gigs and clients left and right.  It’s slightly intimidating, right?  Well, you can pretend if you want, but for ME, it is at times overwhelming.  At times you may get in your head and forget your faith filled walk into your business and think, um, who is going to listen to ME? I’m NOBODY! LOL You understand it’s a mind battle to ensure yourself that your platform, your cause, your purpose matters to other people.  Well, either way, I will admit sometimes I just feel very small.

BUT, let me ask this question, have you even Googled yourself?

So I was clearing out old emails and ran across an article by Bryce Bladon called “Feedback from the Inferno:  “My Boss doesn’t want me to have a side gig.”  You Should read it, it’s awesome and totally inspired me to write about my experiences with that but only AFTER I’m no longer working for my job.  ( I don’t want them problems! HaHa)

So anyways, in the middle of the article, I read him talking about the fear of being googled by a current employer and them finding out about your entrepreneur journey.  So a light bulb went off in my head because this whole time I had convinced myself that I am invisible from my co-workers and bosses well because, you know I unfriended them on Facebook and everything, but then this has me thinking, um…. What if they Google me!!!!  I was like oh crap!!! Haha So I stop reading the article (which I eventually finish) and find all this awesome credential on myself, out there in the open of course, but the coolest thing happened that really took away my concern.

For those who don’t know, my full-time job right now is as a social worker who advocates, teaches and trains in regards to youth in foster care ages 14-21.  You can follow what we do at  I speak out a lot about the challenges and wins as far as they are concerned.  A while back I wrote an article on Linked In about something called Permanency Pacts, which is a document created by Foster club to help youth in foster care form connections with important people in their lives before they age out of the system.

Do YOU KNOW in googling myself I found out this NATIONAL company referred MY article on THEIR website!  I mean it was RIGHT HERE staring me in the face… Read the article yourself!  I was just like….  EYES WIDE HAHA!  I could NOT believe it, I was praising God in my little office! 🙂 Little ol me referred on a national website.  I AM Relevant!  What I have to say, the content I provide is worthy!  Man, I had to send praises to God on that one because listen, you have to believe in your brand and what you are doing.  It will pay off!

What you have to say is important and don’t let anyone tell you different.  Being a new entrepreneur is hard enough without us doubting ourselves.  It was certainly a lesson for me, I hope it is for you as well.  Comment below and let me know about your aha moments in being a new entrepreneur.  Until next time…

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