Embracing Mistakes: I Spelled Something Wrong and Shared It!

I really did it! Welcome friends, entrepreneurs, business owners, aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs and anyone else I may have missed!  Have you ever made a mistake and thought, what was I thinking? Yes? No?  Well, both my blog and podcast are meant to be transparent and I wanted to share this with you because I want a struggling business owner out there to know it’s okay to make a mistake.  We ALL go through it!

So in the beginning stages of my business, I quickly realized there were

20160524_094756 (1)

This is an example of me doing it myself until I could get the real deal! My logo!

major costs to everything from start up fees, to taxes, to your website and logo creation.   I also realized from the beginning I honestly did not have enough money and/or revenue to do all of
these things, so I convinced myself, “Okay Ebone, when you get paid, when you make that MONEY, you can do all those things, but before then, I am going to learn how to do things on your own!”


By now, you all should know I am the Google research queen and I also found it helpful to read articles and books which included a lot of information.  Here is a handy list of some of the resources I have used during my journey:

U.S. Small Business Administration website

IRS website

Off the Mark IP Solutions (Check our her book AND her courses, they are ALL amazing!)

I Am Allison Denise ( As matter of fact I need to go back and read this book!)

Book: Start Your Own Consulting Business: Your Step by Step Guide to Success by Eileen Figure Sandline

Book: 10 Mistakes Small Businesses Make and How you can Avoid Them by Dee Edwards

To get to the point, I needed graphics for my marketing.  I know many people who do these things, but since I started my business, I was determined not to over ask for favors because I know what it feels like for people to continue to ask you for discounts and freebies.  With all that being said, I had to figure out how to make my own graphics.  In a later blog, I will talk about the apps I used in detail and which ones worked best for me.  Until then, here are some you can try out and practice with(Disclaimer: I do have an android phone so if it’s not available to iPhone users, don’t blame me! lol): CanvaPicsArtFont Studio

After about a month of playing around with PicsArt, Font Studio, and Canva, I was able to create some good ones to start promoting myself.  One, in particular, I created for this very blog, Chronicles of a New Entrepreneur.  Can I mention also that I am a trained, licensed social worker and therefore I am an um “okay” speller and there are certain words I struggle to spell correctly….consistently.  SO below I am going to post the graphic and I am going to see if you all can catch the mistake! Lol

Seize the Day


Listen! I can NEVER spell “entrepreneur” right, spell check ALWAYS calls me out on this word!  Well apparently, spell check (And the grammar check app I installed on my computer, don’t judge me) decided to take a day off when I created this graphic! Y’all! Can you imagine my panic when I realized this?  I was searching where I had posted it because I was certain people weren’t booking my consultations because they were probably thinking, “how can this woman help me when she can’t even spell???”  I had to laugh at myself though because really who doesn’t make mistakes?  Now I am not talking about major mistakes such as giving bad customer service (NOT cool!) and backing out of engagements without communication (WORSE of the WORST!).  I’m talking about the things that happen in our business that causes our hearts to drop, it wasn’t intentional, we just simply were not being attentive or had too much going on.

The reality is…THINGS HAPPEN! Mistakes happen! I made the change and all was well.  If, and this is a big IF, I lost potential customers, okay, that is fine, I will work hard to do four things:

  1. Try to win them back.  If people discredit me because they think I was unprofessional, IT’S OKAY!  I will do everything in my power to convince them I’m worth it.
  2. Work towards showing my credibility through  my continued hard work aka I will learn from this mistakes and be better at checking my spelling!
  3. Continue to be honest and transparent about my mistakes.  I will admit when I have messed up if needed and work harder to prevent it from happening again

There are many people out there who will try to shut you down and many times you might be your own source of dismantling.  Don’t give up! In my next blog, I will go deeper into how I do those four things for yourself and your business and you can assess if they help you or not.As always I hope and pray my transparency will help someone out there to keep pushing and not give up!  Please leave comments and feel free to ask questions.  Until next time #Connect #Create #Inspire

As always I hope and pray my transparency will help someone out there to keep pushing and not give up!  Please leave comments and feel free to ask questions.  Until next time #Connect #Create #Inspire