I did a podcast on time management and I wanted to go a little more in-depth to what I talked about and give you all some hands-on tools that I personally have tried out for my business and be honest in what does and doesn’t work well for me!  In the podcast, I talk about calendars and I also want to go over why I love apps so much and discuss binders as well.  Lets get started!

Calendar for podcast

In the picture I shared above you will see my wonderful color-coordinated calendar and why it works so well for me!  The different colors are divided into different categories.  So speaking engagements are blue, pink is my day job activities and orange is Living Faith activities.  What I haven’t gotten to include yet is blogging and podcast planning which I will have to eventually add.  I also plan to schedule myself to focus on 3 different categories of my business a day so, I named the categories Business Planning, Networking, Finances, and Functioning, which covers the operations of my business.  My goal is to focus on one of these 4 aspects of my business a day so that in working with my clients  I will not neglect my own business.  Like I said in my podcast, this is not fool proof and sometimes I have to revisit and I know if I revisit every 3 months, I can stay on track.

So next I will tell you about my binder system.  This helps with both organization and time management, but today I’m going to discuss the latter.  Binders are something I have been obsessed with since I was in high school!  They save time by being a one-stop shop for everything you need.  I have binders for both myself and my clients.  If they need something quickly, it is all in that binder.  For example, my client Dream Makerz just had a major event at the Birmingham Housing Authority, check out a link to a cool article about that here.  I had to create a couple of different forms for that event.  Having all of those forms and information in one place drastically saved time because we had a large influx of individuals come in at one time.  I had originals in place to make copies as soon as we ran out!  Just think how drastic that would have been having to run to the car to find it or having forgotten it at the house!  Or think of going to a meeting and someone asking for a flyer or information sheet about your services or your product, do YOU have that right on hand? Having a binder with those tools will be and ARE essential to the success of your business!  Don’t knock it until you try it!


The last thing I will tell you all that works for me with Living Faith in regards to time management and it’s going to sound really cliche, so forgive me, but APPS!  I’m going to do a blog soon on the apps that I have tried, used, like, dislike, etc,but the truth is living without them is way worse than living with them!  Apps allow you to capitalize on your time.  With phones being mobile, you can do anything involving your business and even your personal life with the touch of a finger.  I can pay bills, give my tithes, accept business payments, schedule meetings, check email, follow up with clients and market all at the same time.  I recently was faced with a dilemma in trying to figure out how to create receipts without having to buy a receipt book which in my mind is just another form of paperwork for me to lose.  I simply did a search online and discovered an app that will allow me to create a receipt and digitally send it to my clients and their customers!  So DOPE!  No? YES! HAHAHA! I get excited about these things!  One of my favorites right now is called Trello.  I found it was a good tool for me to record my tasks and figure out how to remain on top of things and allowed me to put in new tasks and cross tasks off the list as I went.  If you want to try it out for yourself, the link is conveniently here.

Anyways!  I realize these things are not for everybody.  Some people just don’t function based off of calendars or apps.  I am a very visual person!  Seeing things in front of me, live action right there, right then, where I can process later, seriously gives me life and that is what calendars, binders, and apps do for me.  But some people need to write things down or have something to listen to, some people prefer to think off the top of their head (I don’t recommend this) but either way, you need to find what works for you!  I again will admit I am not the know it all, but I can only share with you what works for me and my business.  And if you find yourself trying different things that are not working for you and you still need help, you know your favorite Business Manager is here for you right?  CALL ME!  Let me do these things for you! I already know what works for me because I am a recovering perfectionist and this allows me to try several different tools, which we all know you don’t have time to do!  Let me help you get your time back and get your time management in check!  Click here to schedule your free consultation, let’s talk!  You can also call 205-319-1371 and we can work together!  Talk to you soon!  Until then #Create #Connect #Inspire



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