I started a business. And it was interesting and overwhelming and exciting. Have you started a business? Do you want to start a business? This blog is dedicated to the aspiring entrepreneur, the new entrepreneur and the entrepreneur who is not sure if they started right. I will take you on the journey with me of being a business owner and being transparent in sharing what my experiences have been like over time. I also want to provide you with information that will help you, my friends, my fellow entrepreneurs avoid mistakes I made or join in on successes. We are in this journey together, so climb on board for the ride!

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My blog is purposely tied to my podcast, similarly named Chronicles of A New Entrepreneur because I know that I cannot provide all of the resources in my podcast, but I figured if I created a joint blog with links to information provided in my podcast, it would be more beneficial to you all. I would greatly appreciate comments that let me know if this is helpful or not! In episode one of my podcast I give a transparent account of what it has been like over the course of these last eight months to start my business. It took me roughly from February until about May or June to complete all of the preliminary requirements and to help me gain my confidence to officially launch my business. I describe some of the steps I personally took, which others may do things differently, but this is what I did to give you some reference points! Note: I AM NOT a business coach, at least that is not what I consider myself, I simply am giving my personal experiences and you at your own risk make your decisions that are best for you and your business!

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1) What do I want to do?
Initially, this seemed easy to me. But after talking to about three business coaches, I realized I didn’t really, for real know at first! Haha! What I started off thinking I wanted to do, I actually had to place on hold. I wanted to do community development AND business consulting AND professional development, but what I was guided to realize is that I would confuse people if I did things that way. I just knew that I could not do anything related to social work to avoid being in conflict with my full-time job. I am a natural organizer and recovering OCD individual (pray for me!) but it benefits me in that my planning and organizing abilities benefit others. I took this information about myself and helped many people for free to help myself get established and comfortable in pinpointing exactly what it was I wanted to do. So then your favorite business manager was born! I was ready then! I am still working out the kinks, but like I say in my podcast, writing is your friend. Talking to experts is your friends. Below are some individuals I talked to help me get me business life in order, you can find them on Facebook:

Eboni L. Truss

LaTisha Styles

Octavia Conner


2) A NAME!
Finding a name took a lot of prayers and about a month! In my opinion, it was a personal and time-consuming experience, but I have others explained their name story and it was simple and easy for them. Either way, you need one and as you will hear on my podcast, you need to protect your name and go ahead and register it. The link for the Secretary of State site here in Alabama is here: http://www.sos.state.al.us/


3) Money!
Let’s be honest with ourselves. But first, let me be honest with you all about my journey. Starting a business is expensive. And go ahead and get it out of your mind that you are going to make money right away. Now let’s be realistic that it happens, it really does, but it doesn’t happen for everyone! For me here in Alabama my main cost was to reserve my name, $28 for the reservation and then the Articles of Formation was $163. I chose Limited Liability Company as my business entity, you will have to find the best for your business. Every training I have attended so far has acknowledged the need to keep overhead costs as low as possible which is what I have done. I’ve recycled office documents and utilized the resources I already had in order to cut costs, but it is not easy. Financial records are not my strength in business!  I used the U.S. Small Business Administration to help me make a lot of those decisions.  Click here, to get to that website.

Education and Research

4) Educate and Research
This last suggestion has been my best friend and a bonus because I don’t talk about it a lot in my podcast. I am the research queen which is a huge benefit to my clients and the reason why I have been called #TheConnector. If I don’t know the answer to your question, baybee, I can find it out and research and call people and take a class until I’m blue in the face! I’m going to find it out! It’s the reason I know my services are beneficial and growing on a daily basis. I am always educating, always taking a class, reading an article, buying a book to read or listening to someone more knowledgeable than me on a Facebook live broadcast! You should do the same thing for yourself and your business! Knowledge really is power! You must be growing constantly, don’t be at a standstill!

So that’s it for today! As usual, you can get in contact with me through my website at livingfaithmcorg.wordpress.com. Keep tuned into our Facebook page Living Faith Management and Consulting for Facebook live series, links to my blogs and podcast and helpful information. As always your favorite business manager is available for bookings, you can get a free consultation with me to see if I am the business manager for you here.

And when the going gets tough in business just remember to #Connect #Create #Inspire! #Deucesuntilnexttime


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