“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” –Helen Keller

So today is the day before I’m scheduled to launch my business Facebook like page and I have mixed feelings! I’m feeling slightly anxious because I feel worried that maybe no one will like my page!  Then at the same time, I’m super excited because I’m being obedient to what God told me and I’m patiently waiting to see the breakthrough and manifestation that comes with my obedience….it’s all new to me.  I know there are business owners out there who felt the same or who feel that way now!  It’s all overwhelming, isn’t it?  I know we all support one another and encourage one another but no one ever really talks about the true feelings you feel when it’s just you before you manage a big project or seal a major deal. It is crazy overwhelming!!! That is real true feelings for you!  But myself, being a Christian I know for a fact God has my back and I have nothing to worry about, I’m just acknowledging I am human!

My business partner and sis were talking yesterday and she was dumbfounded by the amount of people who were coming out of the woodworks, seeming as if they only are expressing interest, being nosy.  But I thought about it as we were talking and it dawned on me, and I told her, you know, you never know who God intends to help you elevate to fulfill your God-given purpose!  God is intentional!  He will not put individuals in your path that He did not intend to be there!  We’re talking about someone who formed us before we were even thought of, who knew everything we were going to fail in and accomplish before our parents were even together!  You think He doesn’t know every intention of those individuals in our lives?  Child! LoL!  He has a purpose and plan for all of us, but it’s that raw emotion and panic that sometimes overwhelms us that I was talking about earlier.  Sometimes we just let our emotions drive us, which I’m certain isn’t always a bad thing, I just know I have to remind myself that God is there for me always, even in my business ventures!

I’m excited about what God has planned for me!  This adventure has opened my eyes to so much!  I am willing to admit I don’t know everything, but there are certain skills that God has equipped me with that I am confident will be helpful to individuals starting and currently in business.  I also know he has embedded knowledge in me that others need to hear and therefore my Professional Development and training are BOMB.com!  I hope those reading this and those checking out my Facebook page will give me a chance and consider me.  I anticipate being fully booked in 6 months! In Jesus name!  Happy entreprenuing!  And remember I am #TheConnecter, hit me up! 205-319-1371  livingfaithmc111@gmail.com