Chronicles from a New Entrepreneur

I just recently started my business at the beginning of this year and I realize that I don’t know everything, but in coming in contact with those who have been in business for a while, there are some things that have been disturbing to me that I would like to share.  So let me first say this, I do the best I can to avoid acting on something without first consulting with God.  He has been pressing on me to do this and I feel it might step on some toes, but the truth is God won’t give me something that won’t be helpful to someone.  Let me go ahead and tell you now who this might be helpful to so that I can spare you some time in advance.  If God has been pressing on you to move to the next level and start a business, this is for you!  You need to hear me out!  When I say God gave me instructions in December of 2015 to step out on faith and do this thing and in January I had NOTHING and in April I have an established business, let me tell you, you have to be obedient! But I realize there may be some people in business who may feel they “know it all” and will try to guide you in a different direction so I can only speak from my experience and tell you what I have done.  I have to remain true to what God spoke to me, it may seem completely crazy and unintelligent to them but if God tells you to do something, you must do it  I truthfully believe the individuals who God placed in my life to help me grow and build my business and its brand have provided me with AMAZING knowledge and I honestly would not have been able to do it without them, but at the same time, some of the information was conflicting with what God told me!  So I took the information and used it with caution and care.  Don’t jump on every bandwagon either!  I wouldn’t tell you something if I wasn’t guilty of it.  There is SO MUCH information out there, so man people willing to provide wealth and knowledge but you have to utilize your discernment in how you use the information to what God has outlined for you!  So anyway that’s my first point.

  • Use discernment in acquiring information and who you connect with to help you start your business.

I am not for everyone, the services I provide are phenomenal, but I am not for everyone.  Not everybody has that sense and/or discernment to admit that and therefore, some people end up with mentors who completely change your whole plan!

SO I have been DYING to talk about this since I have entered the world of business for ALL of these LONG 4 months, lol (I know people are going to be hating talking bout I don’t know what I’m talking about but I don’t care, lol) Anyways, BAD BUSINESS, child, listen I am the observation queen, you hear me and for the past four months I have witnessed some of the WORST old timers of business and their practices are just awful!  First of all, when you first start in business, don’t accept all offers for people to help, I’m talking me included because you need to explore their intentions  And to long time businessprenuers, don’t offer services to someone just starting in business and then be lazy in how you provide that service to them!  You are still required to meet deadlines and perform with 1000 percent excellence even if you are doing pro bono work with them! You never know how much that new businessprenuer is going to explode or the people they know that can help boom our business.  Also don’t present yourself as a know it all either!  We understand you’ve been in business before and have gone through the steps, but don’t belittle a new business owner if the steps they have taken are unconventional, or not how you would do it or not how you were taught!  Correct with love and kindness not with a snobby attitude!  And if you are going to help, well doggone it help, don’t slow down the process because you are too busy and/or have taken on too much!  Maybe God is showing you that this wasn’t and/or isn’t the time for you to bless this new business!  You are doing THE MOST!  Sit down somewhere!  And then the new businessprenuer is feeling like you are not as professional as you make yourself out to be and you have lost a possible key partnership that could have been essential to YOUR business!  So yeah, number 2 point

  • Established Business owners!! Be professional in your mentorship and helping new businessprenuers!

Okay, this is the last thing that has irked my nerves and then I’m going to leave it alone because I’m not trying to alienate people, but this is relationships 101!  Why is it that so many people in business are so bad with time?  Do you all not realize the importance of other people’s time?  Is it that some people have just over booked themselves so much that it has gotten that bad?  I can count on both hands since I started my business the number of established business owners and entrepreneurs who have disrespected my time or time of someone else I was working with, missed appointments, canceled meetings the day of, forgotten to deliver items, didn’t deliver the product on time.  I mean ESTABLISHED people who I highly respect and have been in business a long time!  Come one people, mistakes are understandable, I’m not perfect, but relationship 101 is KEY!  If you are going to miss an appointment, you need to make sure you have someone to communicate this to someone, not have them waiting.  If you are going to cancel a meeting and it’s not a medical, family emergency, child, call them the day before or SOMETHING!!!  Time is precious!  I’m sorry, I understand emergencies, but as a business woman, I am HUGE on time!  If I can’t do something in a timely manner I’m going to let someone know.  I let my client’s clients know, it may be a week before I get back to you and if I don’t, I’m still going to follow up with you and let you know that I still don’t have an answer for that meeting or consultation.  And it’s a bad example if you are supposed to be mentoring or helping someone out.  So #3

  • Respect each other’s time!


My goal in this business venture is to bring businesses together.  To utilize each other’s services, work together to build our community.  We must work together as a team, but if we are doing wrong by each other we are SURELY not going to be able to help others!  We have to do better business with one another, for real  Respect each other, respect yourself enough to utilize the same good business practices when you first began to when you’ve been in business for 10 years!  We owe each other this people!  I’m not perfect and I don’t know everything but I KNOW God intended for us to be successful if we live according to His Word and follow His commandments.  He’s not asking for perfection, He’s asking for us to be obedient, to help and love one another, to spread His goodness, praise and acknowledge His name, believe He can do what He said, what we ask for.  He isn’t pleased with us doing things any kind of way!  I’m just one chick, starting a business and observing others do business so I can better myself.  I hope this helps someone.  Like I said, I’m not here to judge, but I know what made things difficult for me to progress!  I don’t want you to hinder someone else by doing what someone did negatively towards me!  Love one another, help one another!  Join the #faithcircle!  Love yall!